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Ahmedabad: India 2019 Day 12

Field visit - overnight at Bakore forest camp site   Breakfast this morning was uneventful and I just wanted to sit alone and be quiet.  My stomach was playing up again slightly so I was not in a good place... Continue Reading →


Ahmedabad: India 2019 Day 11

Free Day - Heritage walk and Stepwell (Photograph from Judith Wake) I missed the early morning activity today due to sleeping in and then not being allowed to play catch up.  A very disappointing outcome and the day just rolled... Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad: India 2019 Day 10

Field visit - Mahala Housing Trust, slums in one part of Ahmedabad. The visit to the actual head office of the Mahala Housing Trust (MHT), Self-employed woman association (SEWA) was very interesting and informative.  We were shown a power point... Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad: India 2019 Day 9

Field visit - Recycling Centre, E-Coli waste management PVT. LTD.   Considering the early start today and a 2-3 hour one way bus ride to the centre, a long day ahead I decided to stay back and rest in my... Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad: India 2019 Day 8, Public Holiday

CEE campus - Project work   As today was also a public holiday not many venues were opened so the group went to the campus to work on our projects.  I teamed up with Shanay Smyly who is from Yeppoon. ... Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad: India 2019 Day 7, Public Holiday

 Uttarayan- Kite Festival Which is a period of harvest. The Sun’s run in relation to planet Earth will shift from the southern run to the northern run – from Dakshinayana (purification) to Uttarayan (enlightenment). Today was a culturally important day for... Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad: India 2019 Day 6

Free Day -  Temples, Mosque, Art Museum, market and International Kite Festival   A compact day full of different activities.  Judith and some of the others organised some auto rickshaws to take us around for half the day to some... Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad: India 2019 Day 5

Free Day Dianne's (my room-mate) 50th birthday was today and I wanted to ensure she had a memorable one with lots of fun had.  So to start the day at breakfast we surprised her with balloons, chocolate muffins and a... Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad: India 2019 Day 4

Field visit: Thol - bird sanctuary and Sundarvan - A Nature Discovery Centre   Early rise today for an adventure to the bird sanctuary which was about a two-hour drive away then back into the city to the Discovery Centre. ... Continue Reading →

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