Jacqueline Given


July 2016

Week 2: Register twitter account, Inquiry: Review Trendsmap and quiz

Twitter Account: Please follow me on Twitter. My twitter account has been up and running since last year but I am not very active on there until recently of course for media writing. My twitter handle includes my first name and... Continue Reading →

WEEK 1: Register your blog, Inquiry: Different Purpose/Different Writing and quiz

Different purpose/Different writing Government statement vs News story - Gold Coast Bulletin: Pic: Peter Wallis The Media statement from the government was about Billy Slater being a famous sports person who will assist and benefit Racing Queensland in his new position as... Continue Reading →


ABOUT ME I am a mother of one son almost 22 years old  and have lived in Mackay for the last 16 years with my partner.  Currently I am a relief teacher - primary. Life has changed over the past few years... Continue Reading →

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