Different purpose/Different writing

Government statement vs News story – Gold Coast Bulletin:

Billy Slater
Pic: Peter Wallis

The Media statement from the government was about Billy Slater being a famous sports person who will assist and benefit Racing Queensland in his new position as “an official ambassador for all racing codes in Queensland”.

The News story was a take on the more personal reasons of Billy Slater taking on this new role/position and made him more human ,”Slater has a passion for horse racing and even told News Corp in 2014 he may try his hand at training racehorses when his playing days are over”.

Further related coverage or conversation on social media was evident in numerous websites such as Clear mountain stud, Just racing and Queensland country life.  Social media included: Facebook via Racing Queensland and newspapers such as  The Courier – Mail and Herald Sun, but I don’t care about this topic or whatever others think about it personally because it’s just promoting more gambling to me even though Billy Slater is a great man and so on.

Quiz 1:Observation, completed 12/08/2016

This week the quiz asked eight questions pertaining to punctuation and the pressure was on as a primary school teacher by trade.    It relied on only observation and no study but a keen eye was needed to do well.  I received 100% and thank goodness for that, luckily I am a very visual person.



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