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My twitter account has been up and running since last year but I am not very active on there until recently of course for media writing. My twitter handle includes my first name and part of my surname as I could not have my full name as it was already taken by another lady with the same name, so weird. I mainly follow my favourite sporting teams and players but also those that inspire me in the world.  Of course I added different journalists to follow as well as my local and national media networks. Ten are included below:

Chris Lees

Melissa Maddison

Miranda Devine

Peter Stefanovic

Andrew Lofthouse

Annabel Crabb

Georgie Gardner

Alan Knight

David Sharaz

John Baldock


Inquiry: Review

This week we had to investigate some of the stories and tweets from the top Twitter trends on a particular day and reflect on this.  Therefore I have chosen two top Twitter trends as I am playing catch up after some major surgery. I have been blocked out of Trendsmap “Free usage limits have been reached” so I have had to use my own twitter followers to produce some twitter trends from my local area.

1. The first is about the Pink Ribbon Charity in Mackay

This event is an annual one that is registered as a “Cancer Council Queensland event, raising money and awareness to help conquer cancer.”local twitter trend.jpgSource:7News Mackay


The relationship between tweets and news stories in the local media are important and evident in that it gives free advertising and supports the local community with this special event.   This tweet above is from 7News Mackay and is very new but it will be promoted more in the local area as the event gets closer.


2.  The second is the earthquake experienced in the Mackay area.

This was very alarming as I was home at the time with my family and we actually felt the house and ground shake.  It was a huge surprise and a bit concerning as we yelled to each other “is that an earthquake”?  Some instinct kicked in and we went out to the front lawn to check our neighbourhood and one of the neighbours confirmed what we had felt.  Oh boy, a little scarier now, but as soon as it happened it was gone.  Possibly 10 seconds of movement then nothing.


 Source: MWIQ Online

 I still remember all the news that day from the local media and networks and these were important to inform the community of what was happening and so forth.

It effected me personally as I was flying out that afternoon for my surgery in Brisbane and our flight had been delayed three hours.  There were numerous tweets and reactions from all over the place and of course it was the talk of the town for sometime.


Quiz 2: Grammar Rules, completed 19/08/2016

This weeks quiz asked ten questions and to read Chapter two of Hicks, English for Journalists in preparation for the quiz.  After reading the chapter I went ahead and in my first attempt received 100%, 10/10.  The questions weren’t too difficult but you really had to think about a couple of them again.  Our English language has so many different rules and it can be  difficult to learn and remember all of them therefore that’s why I’m still learning and will do so for the rest of my life.



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