Jacqueline Given


15th September 2016

Week 6: Storify rehearsal and planning and quiz

Practical A: Write up a short Storify article that incorporates week four's tasks. This week I was to convert the quotes from my short story in week four to tweets then write-up a short Storify article that incorporates those tweet/s based... Continue Reading →

Week 5 : Establish a Storify account, Inquiry: Review some social media platforms taking into consideration your interests and quiz

Practical: Storify account I set up my Storify account which was fairly easy to do.  It has a basic banner image at the top and a photograph of myself depicted next to my full name, my Storify and Twitter name are... Continue Reading →

Week 4: Practical: Interview two people and write their speech as a news report and quiz

Interviews: Question asked: "The things that are most important to me" and "Why?" The first person was my fiancé Shep who I asked late one night at bedtime.  He was confused by the question at first, then I explained what I was... Continue Reading →

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