Question asked: “The things that are most important to me” and “Why?”

  1. The first person was my fiancé Shep who I asked late one night at bedtime.  He was confused by the question at first, then I explained what I was doing and just to think it out and let me know.


Tonight my fiancé confessed when asked the question “The things that are most important to me and why ” are that I am the most important thing to him.

My fiancé , Shepard Cullen, said I was important because “life would be boring without me”. The second on his list was a house or home because  you need “somewhere to come home to every night and a place to put your crap”.

Next was your health as your no good if your dead. Then a job is important because money is needed to buy food, have a house and have money to do things.

Lastly family is important I was raised by them and they looked after me so I need to return the favour.

Shep was very blunt and to the point with his answers but as he thought more about it he added more important things.

Shep tweet.jpg

2. The second person is my first cousin, Samantha whom I am very close to and consider a sister.  I rang and spoke to her over the phone as she lives in another city but she was eager to help me and sent me her latest photograph too.  Again after explaining the reason for the short interview she gave me very honest answers.


Today my cousin explained that the most important thing to her was her family, husband and three kids.

My cousin, Samantha French said, her family were important because “if they are happy and successful, everything else is a bonus”.

Secondly came work and a job because we need to pay bills, have a roof over our heads, and anything else we need.

Lastly she said herself, “being healthy and having time for myself like my dragon boat racing, me time, time for me”.

And as she already said if those things come first then anything else is an extra.  I look after myself last but I make the time.

This is so very typical of her as a wife and mother and just the person she is overall.

This activity  was easy to do as I just asked those closest to me for the interview process and then I endeavoured to write their responses as a short news story.

It assisted my learning by reporting accurately the responses to the question asked and the feeling and expression the interviewees portrayed in order to justify the quotes and news story.

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Quiz: Reporting Speech, completed 01/08/2016

This weeks quiz asked ten questions and to read Chapter seven of Hicks, English for Journalists in preparation for the quiz.

I did horribly as I rushed through it and didn’t read the chapter properly, I had to attempt the quiz three times before achieving 100%, 10/10.  The first attempt was 2/10 how embarrassing then 6/10, I guess I improved slowly but I know I should have done better by paying more attention and concentrating.



Wynford Hicks (2013). English for Journalists: Twentieth Anniversary Edition (Special edition). New York, New York, USA: Routledge.