Practical: Storify account

I set up my Storify account which was fairly easy to do.  It has a basic banner image at the top and a photograph of myself depicted next to my full name, my Storify and Twitter name are evident as well. Underneath the banner I have my location, Storify and Twitter website/links as well as my age for my Bio. Storify

Some of the media related accounts I reviewed embedded a large feature picture of the latest story as their banner and a great caption.  They also include numerous tweets about it and tweets from the different media and others.

storify screen capture.jpgsource:

Other accounts were very basic and simple, explaining who they were and what they did and contact details for example a photography company or graphic design company.


Inquiry: Find a social media networking site that is most suitable and aligned with your interests.

The social media network I love using is Pinterest. Source:

It is a web and mobile application company that shares photographs and you have to register for free to use it and you can also contribute to it. It’s available to anyone in the world and is so informative and useful. “Pin” meaning pin to your boards and “interest” meaning whatever you are interested in.

I would say I use it almost everyday, a little addicted to it at one stage there but I’m slowing down now.  Personally I have 91 boards, 22.8k pins and 678 followers and have been a member for a couple of years now.  It assists me personally with my interests in crafts, photography, DIY, cooking and so on. On a professional level it has so many educational resources such as teaching, graphic design, animation, media and even how to write assignments.  This social media networking site is fantastic and I let everyone I know about it, highly recommended.


Quiz: Punctuation, completed 21/08/2016

This weeks quiz asked twelve questions and to read Chapter three of Hicks, English for Journalists in preparation for the quiz.

I had to redo the quiz as my first attempt was very average , a pass at 6/12 before achieving 12/12, 100%. The punctuation questions were a little more detailed such as the floating participle providing “mistaken identity” and the dangling modifier, these had to be re-read carefully.



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