Inquiry: Reflect on your learning journey and respond to the following questions:


What  I have you learnt this term in media writing:

  • Simplify it all
  • Use the 5W’s and 1H more
  • Punctuation is key to getting the message across professionally
  • You don’t have to use big words to sound intelligent
  • Be short, sharp and direct in your writing
  • How to use indirect and direct speech properly in media writing
  • Be consistent with writing in tones
  • Check your grammar
  • Check and recheck your spelling
  • Proof read again
  • Find the time to write
  • Write how you would say it
  • Use the writing structure correctly

The most beneficial part of this course for me was improving my writing skills and knowledge in our very complicated English language.  As a primary school teacher by trade I still struggle to understand and remember all the rules of grammar and punctuation so this course encouraged me to use what knowledge I had but also learn new things as well.

The most challenging area for me this term was finding the time to read, write and do all the weekly tasks on time.  I did have surgery and recovery earlier on in the course but there was a lot to revise.   But finally success, even though this last assignment will be a couple of days late I have completed this course and hopefully will pass.

The course has changed the way I practice or think about media writing because I feel more confident in writing and to just simplify it all.  I hate using unnecessary words or words that I don’t understand properly so media writing gave me that freedom to ‘Write as you speak’.

I  did really enjoy reporting at a local event and meeting people however, I don’t believe I would want to be a reporter as I have a more creative mind for designing.


Practical: Review your blog

Write your response to feedback from Assignment 1. That is what have you done to address areas you needed to work on to improve this submission?

Feedback from Assignment 1 was not evident, I did hand the assignment in five days late but it was missed and then marked later.  However I received a mark of 16/25, making this assignment a credit.

Areas that I would address though would be:

  • Check spelling
  • Proof read again and again
  • Check punctuation
  • Simplify some of my writing
  • Do peer reviews and compile comments as evidence, which I ran out of time to do as I was playing catch up after surgery and recovery.


Quizzes: Reflect on your experience with the quizzes this term.

Which, of all the areas covered, did you find the most challenging, and which were the easiest?

The areas I found most challenging were week 4: Reporting – speech, I did failed badly. Punctuation was also another area I found hard to grasp at times but most weekly quizzes I succeed in passing the first time then of course achieved 100% the second time round.

Do you think overall, you are a better writer technically than you were when you started the course?  If so, how? If not, why not?

I never thought I was a good writer let alone a great writer from the beginning but I believed I had potential.  Hence the comment from Kate about my news story event ‘overall, there’s a lot of potential here…’

This course has aided me in improving my knowledge and understanding in media writing and especially reporting.



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