Inquiry: Review a newsletter  and analysis and reflect on the following:




Stories in the newsletter are mainly based on the conservation of crocodiles/alligators from around the world.  It includes events around the world via regional reports, scientific facts, conservation research and events.

These stories target the organisation’s audience by its membership/patrons and the steering committee of the Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG).  Also attached is the minutes of the meeting of the CSG steering committee to inform all those involved in the organisation as well.

If I were a science journalist, I may be interested in following up the story ” CROCODILE (CROCODYLUS MINDORENSIS) TARGET TRAINING AT COLOGNE ZOO” because its interesting to learn the behaviours of these animals and how they communicate with humans and the interaction between them both, behavioural enrichment and management.

The newsletter is effective in the following ways:

  • It has appropriate headings and taglines
  • It prioritizes its messages
  • Features are presented with factual statements
  • Factual information is given
  • Good graphics and images are present
  • Credibility is shown through percentages and facts etc…
  • Fonts, colours, graphics, images and copywriting are appropriate for the newsletter style.  It engages and persuade you to read.
  • It contains real motivators, backed up with facts and figures to justify that decision


Quiz: Punctuation, completed 19/09/2016

This weeks quiz asked ten questions and to read Chapter six of Hicks, English for Journalist in preparation for the quiz.

After two attempts 8/10 and  9/10 I then gained 100%.  I guess I wasn’t really paying attention the second time and missed getting all answers correct therefore I had to do it again.  I thought I was good at punctuation but the apostrophe in both possessive nouns confused me a little.



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Wynford Hicks (2013). English for Journalists: Twentieth Anniversary Edition (Special edition). New York, New York, USA: Routledge.