Travelling to India


An early departure from Brisbane International airport and meeting everyone in the group was adrenaline driven.  I was excited and very talkative about the prospect of the next two weeks ahead.

With a short stopover in Singapore, money exchanged and a little rest onward to Ahmedabad we went.

Arriving late at night to Ahmedabad, we met Padima and Sarita from CEE and took a small bus to the accommodation, Hotel Nalanda which was quite sufficient and comfortable.

The airport was under rated as it was still the older part possibly in the renovation stage. Once outside it all kicked in the people everywhere, sounds, lights, smells and stares.  Here come a group of white foreigners… yes we stand out!

Ahmedabad’s population is around seven million in the city and eight million in the metropolitan area.  With a very religious background, most the population are either Hindu or Muslim which means in this state they are mainly vegetarian, so no eating any meat for two weeks might be a challenge for me.  I did research though there are rare places that do serve chicken or fish so if I get desperate then I will eat some.  I am going to try to follow the vegetarian lifestyle for now.

My first impressions of Ahmedabad is that it is a very busy city with a lot of different living accommodation, areas and a huge population.