Field visit: Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre (VASCSC) and Bollywood night at CEE



An interesting day at the VASCSC looking at the facilities and programs they offer students in Ahmedabad and the area.  It is a sister facility to CEE and has eight different laboratories: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Model Rocketry, Computer, Electronics and a Design Studio.

We participated with some hands on activities such as periscope building, mathematical puzzles, rocket launching and witnessing a plastic whistle get designed by a 3D printer.  It was amusing but felt a little too young for university students to be doing but overall an entertaining knowledgeable visit.  Therefore, they are doing some wonderful work in the fields of science.

The afternoon was spent getting ready for our Bollywood evening.  Last night we had all ventured out to the National Handloom Cooperation (shop) near the Law Garden Night Market to buy tunic shirts for the men and the women bought sari’s and scarves in preparation for the Bollywood evening.

Learning the Bollywood style dancing with the staff members altogether was fun, as well as dressing up in the traditional dress with help from the ladies as CEE.  I shot some footage of the nights events which was enjoyable.

A great evening had by all as we taught the ladies the Nut bush dance in return for them teaching us some traditional Bollywood moves and dances.  They picked up the Nut bush quite quickly and impressively and just ran with it.

The night was completed with delicious food based on the famed street food of Ahmedabad.  After dinner I had traditional henna painted on one of my hands from a street vendor just outside the restaurant, cost was only $2 AUD so very cheap and beautiful.  I am now feeling more culturally involved and accepted after today.