Field visit: Thol – bird sanctuary and Sundarvan – A Nature Discovery Centre


Early rise today for an adventure to the bird sanctuary which was about a two-hour drive away then back into the city to the Discovery Centre.  So a long busy day was planned for today but it was worth it.

It was a beautiful cool morning overlooking the bird wildlife whilst the supreme sunrise took place.  We walked with our guide from the CEE  Sundarvan Team and his three students along the path of the nearby lake.  He was so knowledgeable and informative about all the birds in this area.

Truly a tranquil beautiful place for the wildlife especially the birds to live and thrive.

Travelling back into the city was adventurous as the traffic was in full force and driving around in a small bus was a harder option through all the smaller vehicles.  Another thrill for those who like to seek them.

At the discovery centre which was like a small zoo we experienced the local animals from reptiles (most dangerous snakes of India), mammals, birds and insects with a wealth of information again from our guide.  This facility is mainly used to educated school age students about the wildlife in India and how to look after them, I believe it has been a very successful program and the facilities are good.

My first use of a squat toilet was today as well because when you have to go you have to go.  Just make sure ladies you have tissues or toilet paper with you because there is only tap water supplied.

A long day so earlier dinner and then bed to try to rest for the next day’s adventures.