Free Day

Dianne’s (my room-mate) 50th birthday was today and I wanted to ensure she had a memorable one with lots of fun had.  So to start the day at breakfast we surprised her with balloons, chocolate muffins and a present (green scarf), green being her favourite colour.


We spent the afternoon….just doing fun things like shopping at Alpha One Mall the largest one in Ahmedabad, it had a variety of modern shops and an eatery where we had lunch.  There was security as you walked into the mall,  we had to go through a machine and have our bags checked, the women had a quick body check behind a curtained area by female security officers.  I observed outside later on while waiting for the others that the cars coming into the car park at the mall had their boots checked as well as their undercarriage with a bomb/mirror device which looked very serious by security staff.  I did feel safe inside though looking around purchasing mementos and enjoying the air conditioning.

Judith booked a special restaurant called Cherries for a group dinner tonight to  celebrate Dianne’s birthday. It was a short distance away from the hotel where we were staying so we walked there.  The food was very westernized with vegetarian options only, delicious food all around though.   We all enjoyed ourselves and even treated ourselves to dessert as well.