Free Day –  Hathee Singh JainTemple, Sidi Siyyad’s Mosque, Shasansamrat Bhavan Art Museum, old Ahmedabad city market and International Kite Festival


A compact day full of different activities.  Judith and some of the others organised some auto rickshaws to take us around for half the day to some of the places on our list of to do in Ahmedabad.  We had met a good English-speaking driver the other day who had passed his name on to one of the ladies  in case we needed drivers throughout our stay so they contacted him and he supplied four drivers and autos.

We had some adventures driving past each other in the rickshaws and getting to the place first but doing it safely of course…an auto rickshaw can provide some simple thrills in a large population of drivers who don’t follow all the road rules and drive wherever they like and when they like.  An experience you have to take and try not to close your eyes or squeal as I did on many occasions because we did come close to a couple of collisions.

Wearing appropriate and respectful clothing here in Ahmedabad was asked of us and we knew beforehand what was acceptable.  So going into the mosque area or temples we covered our bodies properly for example covered knees or women wore scarves to cover their heads.  The mosque we visited was quite small but was a beautifully designed building.

One of the temples was small as well but the other was larger with some construction being completed on it, it was very ornate and architecturally pleasing to the eye.  Built of  stone and sand.

We quickly explored a street market in the old part of Ahmedabad city but it was very busy and hard to get around.  A lot of locals were out buying fruit, vegetables, clothes, shoes or house hold items.

Lunch at a vegetarian Dominoes was quite interesting but it still tasted good.  A short shopping spree happened after lunch at the nearby markets and shops before most of the group decided to go and investigate the International kite festival down by the Sabarmarti Riverfront the river that runs through Ahmedabad, Judith stayed back at the hotel to rest.

What an experience and an adventure unto its own that was going to the kite festival with thousands of locals…  Shanay and Jake the fair-haired beauties of the group were seen as pop or movie stars and it seemed like every local and their friend wanted a selfie with them.  Other members of the group were asked as well because we look so different with our fairer skin and hair in some cases. So it took awhile to get out of the event which we had missed most of anyway.

Dinner was back at the hotel which we paid for ourselves as it was the weekend and a free day, my choice was a Chinese meal,  sweet and sour chicken.  It turned out to be good and with small pieces of what looked and tasted like perhaps tinned chicken.  Anyway I was thankful to taste some meat.