Free Day – Cultural Heritage walk (Akshardham Temple) and Adalaj Stepwell


(Photograph from Judith Wake)

I missed the early morning activity today due to sleeping in and then not being allowed to play catch up.  A very disappointing outcome and the day just rolled away and I chose not to go to the Stepwell  activity at the last-minute because I had a mini internal break down and went back to my hotel room and laid down for a few hours (still not feeling well either).  Dianne had chosen not to go on her free day either because she wanted to rest and do other things later.

I asked some of the others how the day went and they seemed to have enjoyed their day visiting some tourist spots and taking photographs but I didn’t miss much.

Honestly the free days are not free for me anymore its all pre-planned by Judith and not many options are given.  It feels like it is controlled and directed into what she thinks we should do.

Some of the rules have changed as well. You have to have a buddy with you if you are going out of the hotel even to the shop around the corner from the hotel and that is all fine and safe.  However, now its the women have to have a man or men with them as well to go shopping or out anywhere.  The rules changed for some members of the group but not for others or were intended to be different but I would not allow myself to be told what I can and can’t do as a grown woman of 48 years old.

So later that night Di and I went out on our own (we did ask the others specifically the men if they wanted to come, but no-one did) to the Handloom shop and Law Garden markets to do some last-minute shopping for presents and for us to try to cheer ourselves up.  It worked for a short while before Dianne got overwhelmed at the shop because of too many people in there.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.