Field visit – overnight at Bakore forest camp site


Breakfast this morning was uneventful and I just wanted to sit alone and be quiet.  My stomach was playing up again slightly so I was not in a good place anyway.

Judith came up to my room after breakfast  before we left to travel 2-3 hours one way to Bakore.   I was still sitting on the toilet with a sore stomach and she was calling out to me.  I was in a bit of shock after I had eventually finished in the toilet when she then asked to come in and proceeded to say “What is the problem ? We need to talk about this”.  My jaw nearly fell to the floor but somehow I contained myself and got Judith out of the room to go.   Apparently there was an issue because I didn’t speak to people this morning at breakfast.  I did not want to talk anything out and just wanted to finish the last couple of days here in Ahmedabad on a good note.

Still ill with this head cold and now cough almost chest infection was not an ideal time to be arguing or feeling bad as I was already feeling that.



On arriving to Bakore camp site it was refreshing in the sense that the air was noticeably fresher and the surroundings cleaner and quieter.  A clean comfortable dorm type room with just a bed and a fan was good enough for me to camp the night, with a separate toilet and shower block oh and yes some western toilets too.

The afternoon walk through part of the village was fun and enlightening as we met different locals and saw their farms and homes.  Our guide was very talkative and well educated in his field of environmental science.

Proceeding to walk through the bush lands to a water hole was an adventure in itself going up and down the semi beaten paths. The group waited until dusk to spot the owl and then walked back in the darkness to camp.  Definitely a work out for this old body of mine but the water hole was a little oasis unto itself, very calm and quiet.

Dinner and a campfire was great to end the night,  a number of us even played movie charades before bed.  The fresh air has seemed to have helped me today and the surrounding nature and peacefulness.  I am feeling better but still unwell.