Field visit – Kaleshwari Historical temple (Lavana village) and water sources

A 4.5km walk to the ancient temple was not on my agenda today because my body and especially my knees felt it yesterday walking up and down through the bush lands plus I still am not one hundred percent well overall.   Dianne and Dave were allowed to come with me on the bus and meet the rest of the group there.

Interesting stepwell systems (underground water) and ancient ruins/carvings that are still intact today were very impressive and well-kept.  There were 100-200 steps to the temple on the hill so I took some time getting up there and got another workout.  The surrounding views were beautiful with greenery everywhere, like a forest environment at home.


We had a short visit to a small temple and water supply which was okay but the best thing about it was that a wedding party or family party had arrived to be blessed at the temple.  So probably 100 people or so arrived by various vehicles with loud music just blaring.  Of course selfies were taken with some of the locals by the others in the group again as we are a tourist attraction in a way.

Back at Bakore camp site we had lunch then a treat of  Amul vanilla ice cream (which was very thoughtful of our guide to do that for us) delivered from a local shop down in the village before heading back into the city of Ahmedabad.

Tonight was a quiet one back at the hotel just relaxing and I sorted my clean laundry that I received back from the room service.  This was the second load of dirty laundry I had cleaned and it came back on the second day all pressed and folded beautifully, the cost is approximately 80 cents to $1 AUD per item which is fine with me at least the clothes are clean.