Project presentations, valedictory session and then flying home.


Anticipation of going home hit me hard and large early this morning as I was up at the crack of dawn repacking from the night before so I was good to go.  I miss my family and my life…my comfortable bed…just everything in my life because it is GOOD and it is ENOUGH.

Arriving at CEE we had more time to work on our project presentations so Shanay and I completed the short film with interviews, music and a photographic collage to end it. The presentations by the group went well and everyone had demonstrated their tasks or topics as professionally as they could with what resources we all had.

CEE then gave all of us an individual gift for our participation in the exchange program (handmade embroidered notebooks) which was lovely.  Then the rest of the group presented the Padma and Sarita with a basket of Australian goods.  I gave individual gifts out later on in the day as a personal touch from me with a warm thank you attached.

This trip/adventure has opened my eyes yet again to the world and its differentating cultures, traditions, environments and ethics.  The sustainability programs run by CEE are working are becoming successful and will be continued.  Let’s hope one day in the not too distant future that living conditions, pollution and poverty will change even more especially for the Indians of Ahmedabad.