My experience and reflections

What a mixture of feelings I have today as I conclude this 14 day exchange program with my fellow eight CQU students.  I feel now that perhaps the 14 days are just a little bit too long.  Personally I was ready to go home a couple of days beforehand and I do believe so were most of the others in the group.

What an unbelievable two weeks in India however, I never thought this would happen to me as a university student as I have been overlooked a couple of times for other programs.  Thus,  a great opportunity to be taken with varying outcomes to me on a personal level.  As a digital media student I didn’t see the benefits to my degree as it was all science and environmentally based outcomes.  I think partly because the technology has not caught up to the rest of the world here in Ahmedabad or India for that matter yet.  I can see how I can assist and integrate my knowledge of digital media in some of the programs that CEE assists with but it can’t be widely spread if the technology is not being used or is fully functional.

Ahmedabad was so culturally diverse and busy busy busy.  My initial reaction was wow, traffic, noise, smells, people and animals everywhere.  As time went on however I further understood the living conditions and the sustainability work that is going on here to be for the betterment of all involved and that the people are happy with what they have for now because that is what they have and they don’t know any differently.

Farewell and thank you CEE for all you do for your city your state your country and making me feel very welcomed and blessed to live the life I have and to love the life I live without guilt or shame and to be happy as I am.

As the saying goes it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes a village to make a difference here in Ahmedabad and I wish them continued success with all the programs that CEE have implemented for the future and beyond.  Bless you NAMASTE!!!