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Ahmedabad: India 2019 Day 3

Field visit: Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre (VASCSC) and Bollywood night at CEE     An interesting day at the VASCSC looking at the facilities and programs they offer students in Ahmedabad and the area.  It is a sister... Continue Reading →


Ahmedabad: India 2019 Day 2

Visiting CEE - Centre for Environment Education Travelling by small bus to CEE this morning gave me a true perspective of Ahmedabad the city.  Cars, auto rickshaw, bicycles, buses, people, dogs and cows were everywhere.  The city itself is encompassed... Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad: India 2019 Day 1

Travelling to India An early departure from Brisbane International airport and meeting everyone in the group was adrenaline driven.  I was excited and very talkative about the prospect of the next two weeks ahead. With a short stopover in Singapore,... Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad: India January 2019

Sustainability Exchange Program Centre for Environmental Education (CEE), Thaltej Tekra, Ahmedabad     Amazingly an opportunity arose in early November 2018.  It was to travel to India as part of a group of students from Central Queensland University (CQU) to... Continue Reading →

Week 12: Reflect on your learning journey, review your blog against feedback and a checklist

Inquiry: Reflect on your learning journey and respond to the following questions:   What  I have you learnt this term in media writing: Simplify it all Use the 5W's and 1H more Punctuation is key to getting the message across... Continue Reading →

Week 11: Review/rewrite news article and quiz

Inquiry: Read the article Courier Mail article Problems with this article were: It had a long unnecessary heading, which did not grab enough attention The lead sentence did not state the 5W's and 1H appropriately It came across as repetitive because... Continue Reading →

Week 10: Caption photos to tell a story, write headlines and quiz

Practical 1: Photo Essay Take a series of 10 photos that tell a collective story.  Caption each photo to represent a story to a reader/viewer. We are on the road to Townsville this weekend to watch the two top Queensland... Continue Reading →

Week 9: Review a newsletter and quiz

Inquiry: Review a newsletter  and analysis and reflect on the following: Newsletter CROCODILE SPECIALIST GROUP NEWSLETTER VOLUME 35   No. 2  •  APRIL 2016 - JUNE 2016 Stories in the newsletter are mainly based on the conservation of crocodiles/alligators from around the... Continue Reading →

Week 8: Write a media release and quiz

Practical: Review the scenario and write a media release that incorporates the three key messages as per the example in this week's study guide.   MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2 June 2016 FAKECOMICON INVESTIGATES INCIDENT   FakeComicCon CEO, Casey... Continue Reading →

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